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There is an even greater negligence in the area of spiritual nurture which causes the children to grow up as ‘a generation that does not know’ leave alone ‘fear the Lord’ as we see of the new generation of Israelites in Judges 2:10.

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why chek ministries

The Rationale

The challenge of slums in Africa is not new and many attempts have been made to try to upgrade them in order to create better living conditions for the occupants. A nation can never be said to be developed if it does not attempt to deal with all the challenges facing her, including that of the informal settlements.

One of the ways in which effective change can come to the informal settlements is through the many children living there who are still open to new ideas. Most of them are left to chance by their parents/guardians and the society around them for their growth and day-to-day survival.

Of even a greater danger is another category of children that in most cases may not even have the ‘comforts’ of a home nor the luxury of a grown up to provide them with the necessary care and protection. Here we find aids and war orphans, street children, child labourers, prostitutes, the abused and mentally and/or physically challenged.

Most that fall in these categories do not have an opportunity for schooling or of spiritual nurture, many of them coming from the informal settlements, lacking the necessary infrastructure for a child’s proper growth.

In the continent of Africa, over 70% of the total population consists of children and youth, many of who fall in one of the above categories. The governments have tried what they can to address this rising need with various portions of the church also coming in, especially the child based Para-church organisations.

why chek ministries

A Forgotten Generation!

Kibera one the largest slum in Africa is found in Kenya. In this slum alone, there are many informal schools, which fall way below the required education standards since they lack the most basic facilities.

Quite a number of the slum children attend these, even though too many more do not! The majority cannot afford even the most basic school requirements like uniforms, exercise books, etc even though there is ‘free education’.

These children stay away from school and in most cases go in search of family income and may end up begging, stealing, and even selling of their bodies if they are old enough. 

Food is often lacking at home, so, with hunger pangs biting hard, the children scavenge and/or scrounge for it wherever possible, even from dustbins and damp heaps.

The children live in terrible squalid conditions, even with no proper sanitation, exposed to great and diverse immoral lifestyles all around them. In order for them to grow up to become what God destined them for, secular education alone will not do.

 It is important to counteract the negative values ingrained in them through proper and deliberate efforts of spiritual nurture through bible based teaching and training. This will help to develop Christian principles and new value systems in their lives, thus enabling them to grow up in the fear of the Lord and together with Him bring about the desired transformation in the slums.

In 2014 UNICEF projected that between 2010 and 2015, child population in sub Saharan – Africa would rise by 130 million and that from around 2030 sub – Saharan will be the single region with the greatest number of children under 18! It will not be surprising if the majority of these are found to live in informal settlements!

Children of the Heavenly King Ministries believes that reaching out to the children in the informal settlements holistically can be a great way of bringing transformation therein.


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