Our prayer and expectation in 2017 was that the Lord God Almighty would visit every aspect of our lives and families, the church, nation, continent, and the nations of the world – M A R AN A T H A!

God saw us through 2016 and enabled us to cross over to 2017; giving us further opportunity for service. It is with gratitude to Him that we look back for according us this honour.

In the Gregorian calendar last year was 2017, and in the Hebrew 5777 – both having the number 7 representing God’s number of perfection or completion. It is our prayer that God will perfect that which concerns each one of us (Ps. 138:8) and complete the good work that He began in our lives (Phil. 1:6)

2017 was also an election year which saw us spending much time in prayer for peace throughout the whole process. Since the Ministry is in an area considered volatile, we thank God for His intervention in ending the political standoff and restoring peace to the locality and nation.

CHEK Activities in 2017